Attend a Webinar

Attend Live Dog Training Webinars with Jenn Merritt CDPT-KA
  • Get Ready for Baby

    Learn how to get your family dog ready for life with a baby.

  • Key Issues to Work on in Each Trimester

    How to refresh your dog’s basic manners while having fun and including your dog in your preparation.

  • Critical Information for Expecting Parents

    Learn how to read your dog’s body language and stress level to become “dog aware.”

  • Prepare for Motion

    Critical information to know before your baby becomes more mobile.

  • Know About Common Issues Before They Happen

    Learn practical solutions to the most common problem issues between dogs and toddlers.

  • Including Your Dog For Success

    How to include your dog in daily activities safely and supervise without stress.

  • What is the TTouch Method?

    Learn the basic facets of TTouch that can enhance your pet’s life.

  • Alleviate Stress and Anxiety

    Learn how TTouch can be used to manage a range of stress related behavioral issues.

  • Provide Comfort and Support

    TTouch also provides a non-invasive way to provide comfort and support to geriatric animals and those dealing with health issues.