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Dogs and Toddlers Live Workshops with Jenn Merritt CPDT-KA

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Our Dogs and Toddlers® workshop prepares you for life with your family dog and a growing baby.  Once your baby is mobile, the toddler transitions can be an anxious period for any dog. Dogs and Toddlers takes a positive, practical, and preventive approach to make those transitions as stress-free as possible for your dogs. This workshop is appropriate if you are living with a baby and a dog, in the adoption process, a grandparent/aunt or uncle who has toddlers visiting, childcare providers and educators.

In our Dogs and Toddlers live workshop we offer:

          • Positive training techniques with fun, practical, and effective solutions with an emphasis on including your dog in safe daily routines
          • Critical information about dog body language and stress signals so that you are “dog aware” before problems surface
          • How different types of supervision increase everyone’s safety

Jenn Merritt, CDPT-KA is a licensed presenter of Dogs and Toddlers® and a Family Paws Parent Educator. Dogs and Toddlers® is an internationally recognized training and coaching program designed for expecting families with dogs.

Dogs and Storks Live Workshop

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 @ 6-7:30PM

Hamilton Public Library-Turner Park Branch

Are you a parent, child-care provider, grandparent, or child-birth educator that would like to host a Dogs and Toddlers® workshop in the Greater Toronto Area/Hamilton, Ontario?  Please contact us for details!

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